Electrical and electronic products have changed dramatically over the years, requiring the safety standards to evolve to accommodate the changes in technology.

Insulation resistance, ground resistance and RCCD measurement testing with ProfiTest

One of our specialities is insulation resistance and ground resistance checks on existing installations with our special testing equipment. In regards of safety our team will check on installed RCCD breakers as well.

Power Consumption Calculations

We receive more and more inquiries from property and business owners to check on their monthly electrical bills. Once we’re done with all checks, measurements, calculations and detailed analysis we are able to show precisely where the electrical power goes. We’ll provide a detailed report and a list of suggestions to help reduce power consumption as much as possible.

Safety Checks

Unfortunately electrical safety standards and regulations are not implemented, followed or checked by authorities in most parts of the world. Thailand is no exception. With our experience, special measurement and analysis tools we are ready to check on electrical safety issues, deliver safety reports and implement safety installation.